Grossinger Honda


5 star review on Yelp

Chicago, IL
March 10, 2016

I just bought a 2016 Honda Fit at Grossinger Honda. They did not have in stock the particular color and trim level I was looking for, but were able to get the exact car I wanted in one business day. This was a real help, as my wife will be driving this car a lot and she was really set on this particular color. My salesperson, Al, was friendly and well-informed. He knows a lot about these cars, but unlike some salesman I've dealt with, does not feel a compulsion to overload you with information if you communicate that that's not what you're after. He also gave me a keychain with his name and number on it, so if my key is ever lost someone may call him to return it; a nice touch, because I wouldn't be thrilled to have my own phone number and name on the key, but would definitely appreciate not having to pay $200 for a replacement key. In addition, the manager there, Brian, was extremely accommodating and easygoing--my favorite combination in anyone who works at a car dealership--and also involved with a charity whose work I believe in. I truly cannot think of a single negative thing to say. I am a big fan of the Grossinger brand, and my experience at Grossinger Honda just added to my perception that they are the best dealer group in my neck of the woods.

Best buying experience

Chicago, IL
March 5, 2016

Best car buying experience ever!. Especially after a horrible experience at Fletcher Jones Honda earlier. Grossinger experience was great. I asked for a quote over email, came in, got the same quote, put a deposit and left. All in 5 minutes! Excellent experience. Thanks Brian!

good experience

Chicago, IL
March 3, 2016

I had a very good experience at Grossinger Honda. In the last, I worked with fletcher jones Honda in the Gold Coast as well buy Grossinger was a much more pleasant and honest-feeling experience.

service review

Chicago, IL
March 2, 2016

I dropped by the mechanic shop to get a second opinion on a repair I got done elsewhere. They hoisted my car in the air, showed me the part I was concerned about, and explained everything. Although they did not do any actual work on my car, I had a good experience learning more about my suspension system. The crew was very friendly and treated me like regular customer. To top it off, they wouldn't take any money for the time they spent (10-15 mins).

5 star review from Google

February 26, 2016

Went in today 2-26-16 bought a 2013 Honda Civic, spoke with terry and finished everything up with Nissan. I am not kidding you when we finished everything Nissan did all he can to give us the best deal and he did. I would recommend going here and speaking to Nissan and dealing with him. I really appreciate the work he did.

Great service

found on Google
February 10, 2016

The Grossinger Service team provided excellent service for me. In need of a new battery, I brought my car in without an appointment and drove back out of there with new equipment in probably about 30 minutes. Mark and his team were fantastic!

2016 CRV

Chicago, IL
January 18, 2016

We recently purchased a 2016 CRV. Abe was our salesman and we couldn't be happier. We did quite a bit of research to narrow our car selection down to a couple brands/models - the Honda CRV being one of them. We walked in and Abe was very helpful. Very knowledgeable on the products and options. We were looking mostly at the baseline (LX) CRV. However, Abe went over the features included in the upgraded CRV (EX) and the cost to upgrade. Never was there any pressure sales, but Abe explained the different options and we decided on the upgraded EX. His low pressure sales and his opinions were much appreciated and helped us make the right decision. At the end of our first visit, Abe had the manager come over. We were thinking "oh no, here comes the hard sell". But this wasn't the case, he simply thanked us for our time and let us know to contact them if we had any questions prior to making our decision. We really liked how they didn't get all our personal information upon first walking in. Many other dealers we visited will ask for all sorts of info as soon as you hit the sales floor. Abe just asked our names at first and after spending an hour or so going over the cars, asked for our number (and maybe address). It was refreshing not having to fill out a huge form with personal information before even seeing a car! We knew after our first visit, we would be buying from them. Our second visit, we were planning on purchasing. Abe was tough but fair and we were able to get to a price that we were comfortable with. My only complaint might be at financing. I wont go into too many details since it didn't detract too much from our overall experience, but the initial interest rates and extended warranties offered were not very appealing. We are sure to be back when we need a new car. Unfortunately/fortunately for them, with Honda cars, this will probably be in 6+ years. Be sure to check out Grossing and ask for Abe!

2016 Odyssey Touring

Chicago, IL
December 29, 2015

Just bought a new 2016 Odyssey Touring from Brett and Vic!! I buy a new car every 2 years or so and I found these guys the easiest, most honest and coolest salesmen I've come across in years!! I got a better deal than I hoped to get and they made the transaction so smooth. Awesome experience at Grossinger! if you stop in definitely ask for one of them!

The best dealer

found on Google reviews
December 28, 2015

The best dealer in town .this is my third car and the best experience. I would definitely recommend this dealer. Thank you Rana best salesman .....this is what you call a professional salesman .

Went the extra mile

December 22, 2015

My experience with Grossinger Honda was excellent. My car was finished 5 minutes before my service advisor - Mohamed Koli - was supposed to leave for the evening at 6 o-clock, but instead he drove all the way to Loyola University to pick me up so I could have my car. He stayed more than 30 minutes past the end of his shift to give me a ride so I wouldn't have to take the bus. Thanks Mohamed and Grossinger Honda for your unparalleled customer service!

5 star review on Yelp

Glenview, IL
December 13, 2015

My husband did a lot of leg work calling around and getting the best price on a 2016 Honda CRV. We walked in here with most of our haggling complete, Al was our sales associate. He took us in. He definitely works hard for his office. He was very efficient, taking care of us and checking in on another couple across the way. Every time a step would take a few minutes he would tell us so and deliver ahead of time. He was clear, trustworthy, and very knowledgable about the cars. Most of the folks at the dealership were on top of their game and although it is their job to sell certain products, they were very respectful when we gave either yes or no as an answer. I didn't feel pressured or taken advantage of in any way. Within 3 hours we were out the door with a shiny CRV. Thanks to Al and the rest of the team!

Bought new, haven't paid a dime for service since.

December 2, 2015

Bought new, haven't paid a dime for service since. Nothing is better than seeing a big 'ole $0 after your car gets an oil change and tire rotation. Have never had a complaint here... go see my guy Brett!

5 star review from Google

November 18, 2015

I had a wonderful experience at Grossinger Honda!! They were fast efficient and took really good care of my car and were very helpful and friendly.

Nice People

November 3, 2015

Overall experience was fine. People were nice. They are in the middle of repainting, etc. the waiting room. No complaints. Went in because I had a screw in my tire. Someone acknowledged my presence right away. I had made an appointment online. Waited maybe a minute or two and someone looked me up in the system and we were off and running.

Above and Beyond

October 23, 2015

I always bring my cars to Honda Service for maintenance, but on my last visit, the team went above and beyond to help me. I smashed my drivers-side mirror the day before I was supposed to leave on a long road trip, and Rick and the other members of the service dept. drove to Gurnee to get the necessary part in order to install it the next day, saving me a lot of stress and allowing me to get on the road according to schedule (while being able to see clearly in my new mirror!) Thanks, guys! I appreciate the help and I'll definitely be back.

purchased 2 vehicles

Chicago, IL
October 20, 2015

My husband and I have purchased 2 vehicles from here and had an amazing experiences both times! Nissan in finance is extremely professional and effective and Fernando in service is very detailed, compassionate, patient, helpful and accommodating! We will definitely be getting 2 more cars from here when our leases are up! Two thumbs up!

Saw and bought same day

Morton Grove
September 29, 2015

I saw and bought my car on the same day. I knew exactly which car I liked as soon as I saw it. Test drive was soo smooth Al Pukhovich was such a great help! Very honest and practical when it came to the actual details of the car. It was my first car purchase in my life and he was able to get me a very competitive rate, very satisfied with my car and with Grossinger Honda. The whole thing lasted only three hours!

Awesone Dealership

Des Plaines, IL
September 24, 2015

i purchased a used 2014 honda accord sport two weeks ago. First the manager made the impossible to go really close to the price i was asking them and on top of that he fixed couple of small dents the car had,for free. But i had one small issue the day i purchased the car (which i noticed the next day) the guy who put gas to the car he messed up my bumper at the bottom. i called the salesman the very next day and without any hesitation the salesman (Noel) said that i could take the car for repair with no extra charge. they did a really good job on the bumper and everybody was happy. The guys were really nice (expect the guy who took the car to put gas) and this dealership is a nice place to do business. Really satisfied...

5 stars

September 10, 2015

Grossinger Honda deserves 5 stars because they are experts and wonderful people to buy from. The buying process was completely seamless from start to finish. They take care of you at Grossinger Honda and provide unbeatable deals. I am fully in love with my new Honda Fit and my overall experience. Why would you go anywhere else?

Great Place

Naperville, IL
June 6, 2015

This is a great place. Brian and Ken were wonderful. We saw an advertisement for a Honda Civic lease. Since we were traveling a long distance, we wanted to know if there were any 'hidden costs'. We got-in writing-what the final cost would be. When we got there, we felt welcome. Brian and Ken did everything in their power to speed up the process and explain everything. The cost was exactly what it was advertised. No hassles. We got a great deal. It was the BEST car experience we have ever had. Would highly recommend.

5 stars for Grossinger Honda

Chicago, IL
April 3, 2015

I'd been thinking this might be the year for my next new car and I thought I was prepared: I wanted a new Accord; 2015 was good; I'd gotten pre-approved financing; and, I went through a car-buying service. So when Jasmine called and emailed me with a TrueCar quote from Grossinger, it was fantastic that they were just down the road, that they'd responded first, and that they had the best price. Not to mention that this is where I'd bought my first Accord, 26 years ago. I went in prepared, so your mileage may vary, but pretty much the whole experience was positive for me. To give you just one example: although they had to run me through lots of options and checklists in the process of buying a new car, they listened to what I wanted and didn't waste time trying to convince me otherwise. The checklists were useful, too, since I picked some of the options even though I declined others. All that said, I was in and out of there (driving my new car home) in under three hours - titles, plates, insurance (and even my city sticker) transferred, and my first service call already scheduled (and paid for, I might add, thanks to their foresight and one of the options I'd selected). It went so well, in fact, that I was almost surprised, later that afternoon, when I got a personal phone call from Brett: just checking in, just wanted to see if I had any questions. Which was not only a nice human touch, but a good thing, too, since I did have a couple of questions, which he answered. The only problem is, now the new car keeps begging me to take her out for a drive ... Seriously: Five stars.

my experience was a fantastic one.

March 26, 2015

I recently purchased a new car from Grossinger and my experience was a fantastic one. I walked in ready to head to three other dealerships that day and my salesman Brett made me an offer I could refuse. He honored my TrueCar quote and then went above and beyond to make my car dreams come true. Originally, the car I wanted was going to have to be shipped to be to arrive a few days later. After pulling some strings, I got a phone call letting me know they got the car in that day and I could come pick it up. Originally, my monthly payment was supposed to be a LOT higher and they brought it down AND with a bank that I trusted. Originally, I thought I was going to have to go to lots of dealerships and then they gave me a reason to stay. Not only was my car buying experience 100% painless, but I really enjoyed the guys that worked there. I know there's this idea that car salesmen are sleazy and trying to rob you, but all the guys I dealt with were funny, friendly, gentlemen. We talked food, sports, and movies while we were waiting for various things and they never hesitated to make sure I was taken care of. I highly recommend you shop here for your next car. Bret and the fellas will take good care of you.

I almost look forward to getting my car serviced!

March 25, 2015

Make sure you deal with Robert when you go. He is the sweetest and most personable guy. Somehow he always manages to make my experience so much better than I anticipate. I almost look forward to getting my car serviced! All around great guy and great place.

one of my best shopping experiences of my life

March 16, 2015

I went to this Honda dealership not knowing what to expect from my trade in I was greeted and welcomed with open arms from a sales representative his name is big Al aka uncle Al... I would have to say it was one of my best shopping experiences of my life shopping for a new car. I requested a black on black Honda Pilot touring, didn't have the car in stock but he made sure that in a couple of days I will have my vehicle and I'm a very appreciative for all his hard work and effort. I would definitely do more business in the future with this dealership two thumbs up

One great experience that we will remember for a very long time.

March 1, 2015

I would like to send out a big appreciation for William Grant, who I had the pleasure of working with at Grossinger Honda. Mr. Grant had been nothing but professional and straight forward with me. I had been in contact with a few different dealerships before I chose yours and I was just extremely appalled by how other dealerships treated us - As they were basically trying to rob us of our money. One dealership even told us that they could get us a lease for the same base model for...get this... $457/mo for 36 months! I mean I had just really not taken a liking to many dealerships after that, however, I was glad that I came to Grossinger Honda for my lease. I would also like to send out my appreciation for Brian, Jason, and Nissan for all their help in making this lease not only work, but also how they made it go very smoothly. Their professionalism, honesty, and willingness to be the best they could be while having fun IS the reason why I will be coming back in the future for my vehicle purchases. This goes for the rest of my family members as well. I really lost hope in many dealerships because of my past experiences with them, however, our experience with Grossinger Honda was this: One great experience that we will remember for a very long time. We will be referring our friends there as well, and we hope that they will get the same great experience that we had gotten. Again, thank you for the opportunity for my family and myself to work with Mr. Grant, Brian, Jason and Nissan. I hope that they will all get the recognition they deserve. A dealership that operates like them is very rare now-a-days, and I'm glad you guys are one of them.

I got treated wonderfully!

February 3, 2015

Yesterday, the public schools, federal courts, and half of Chicago was closed down, digging out from the blizzard. But I needed my oil changed. By 7:45, Grossinger had plowed a path to the service bay and even though I was their first--and only--customer, I got treated wonderfully!

the customer service is unparalleled.

January 22, 2015

I bought my 2014 CR-V here, and got nothing but friendly service and compromise. they gave me the best price out of the other 5 dealerships I went to and hassle-free with my cert. I also have received service from here, and have to say that the customer service is unparalleled. The Honda Service Representative, Fernando, helped me when I came in with a piece of trim came off and they replaced it free of charge, no questions asked. I had came in a bad mood and left smiling, which felt great.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

January 8, 2015

I'd like to thank Robby for his excellent customer service today. My Civic's wiper fluid had frozen (a problem I experienced last year and thought was 'fixed'). Robby put my car in the shop until it warmed enough to thaw out the fluid, drained it, and replaced it with a better quality fluid for our frigid temps. Jesus, a friendly shuttle driver, got me to an important appointment on time while my car was being looked after by Robby. Thank you, Jesus and Robby for helping me out today! It was greatly appreciated!

trade in an old Toyota get a new Honda CRV

Chicago, IL
October 24, 2014

I am glad I talked to Glibert Gallarzo, and helped me to Trade in my Old Toyota for the value of what I owe, and gave me the great deal with the New 2015 Honda Crv. He knew how to help the customer with what they want and need. He made it easy the entire process only around 2.5 hours. I am also had fun with the Loan officer he is hilarious and fun to talk with. Over all great experience. I spend lots of time to get a good trade in value from the various Toyota store, and end up wasting my time.

This is going to be my home for oil changes!!!

September 23, 2014

I brought my Honda here for an oil change. I didn't have an appointment or anything. The staff was really nice and even gave my car a free wash. The service was fast on the Tuesday night I went, I was in and out within 45 minutes. I have been other places where an oil change can take close to 2 hours. They even offer coffee, tea and water while you wait. This is going to be my home for oil changes!!!


April 4, 2014

We rarely write these kinds of notes.
But we thought this was an exception.
We want to thank all those at Grossinger Honda who made the buying process so much easier. Especially:
· Brian Weinberg
· Charles Anderson
· John Poorman
· Kelsey McCafferty
Brian for his direct approach and straight talk, Charles for his no-nonsense transaction, John for his excellent overview of the car, and Kelsey for the fast quote and on-line responses. We last bought a Honda 15 years ago. Things seem to be changing for the better … and we are telling our friends.